The old tearooms

The Old Tearooms


The building known as the Swiss Tearooms was constructed in 1905. It was designed by Hunter ad Woodhouse of Belper, the design was in a "Swiss style" with Arts and Crafts overtones. The building was opened in April 1906.

The Tearooms were built of timber framing with metal lattice windows. Originally the roof had been constructed of heather with decorative thistle shaped finials on the ridge, but this leaked badly and was replaced with a tiled roof following reconstruction work in 1907. This was replaced further with a mineral felted roof.

The Tearooms were closed in 1981 due to a combination of vandalism, the lack of an adequate sewerage system and general interior and exterior dilapidation of the structure.
Following the Tearooms closure, further vandalism has caused damage to the roof, and despite repairs the building is suffering from both dry and wet rot.

Since 2009 the building has been subject to various surveys and reports and the conclusion is that it is beyond economic repair, the hoarding around the structure is to ensure access is restricted, as the main structural elements are vulnerable to collapse.
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